Practice Areas

In the area of personal injury law, Chadi & Company has been a trusted name in the Calgary community for more than 15 years. Tara Cassidy and a team of experienced personal injury lawyers have the skills and expertise to handle many types of personal injury cases. By focusing exclusively on matters related to personal injury, they are able to stay on the cutting edge of their practice and provide the best possible representation. Some of the firm’s practice areas include:

Car Accidents. Seeking compensation in connection with a car accident often involves negotiations, paperwork, and perhaps even legal action in dealing with the parties involved and their insurance companies. The Canadian system of auto insurance is a no-fault system, meaning that anyone injured in an automobile accident is entitled to some measure of compensation (sometimes known as accident benefits), regardless of who is to blame for the accident. Chadi & Company have the experience to help you efficiently navigate the process of seeking compensation, so that you can move on with your life.

Slip and Fall. “Slip and fall” is a term that refers to any accident where someone suffers injury due to a fall. Slip and falls can happen anywhere—a sidewalk, parking lot, in a home or place of business, or on someone’s property. If the injuries are attributable to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, compensation may be available. A lawyer with experience in this type of personal injury case will be able to assess your unique circumstances (including the conditions involved in the accident), help you determine the best way to proceed, and construct a solid case on your behalf.

Brain Injury. The lasting effects of a brain injury depend on the location and cause of the injury, but may include a persistent vegetative state or unresponsive condition, a coma, or other condition rendering the victim incapable of many basic activities; limitations in mobility or communication; difficulties with sensory processing or cognition (such as thinking, memory, and reasoning); or even personality and mood changes. Brain injury patients may require long-term care and continuing therapy, and may struggle to work and live as they did before the injury. Tara Cassidy and her team can seek the maximum compensation available to help a brain injury victim and his or her family move on from this devastating event.

Spinal Cord Injuries. Spinal cord injuries occur whenever there is traumatic injury to the spinal cord resulting in a loss of function, mobility, or sensation below the level of injury. Most spinal cord injuries are the result of a damaged vertebrae which compresses the cord, rather the severance of the cord itself. The long-term impact of such an injury can vary, but patients often need intensive treatment and rehabilitation. Chadi & Company has helped clients successfully recover compensation for spinal cord injuries and expenses associated with their recovery.

This is just a sampling of the types of personal injury cases that we handle at Chadi & Company. If you or someone you care about has been injured, talk to us about how we can help. We are ready to provide the legal guidance and representation you need, and we will fight for the best possible outcome for you.

For over 15 years, the law firm of Chadi & Company has been providing clients throughout the greater Calgary area with legal representation in all types of personal injury cases. Led by experienced personal injury lawyer Tara Cassidy, the firm is committed to the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, and legal excellence—and they have the track record of success to prove it. They have the expertise to handle all types of personal injury matters, from car and motorcycle accidents to spinal cord and brain injuries. Tara Cassidy and her team are ready to see your case through to a positive outcome; they’ll be accessible to answer your questions, help you make informed decisions, and provide sound legal advice every step of the way. Call today for an initial consultation.

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